What is PPS?

Individuals who have had the polio virus and thought that they had conquered it are now experiencing other physical problems and battling something called Post-Polio Syndrome or Post-Polio Sequel (PPS).

These are new symptoms that occur as early as ten years after a period of recovery but generally they don’t start to manifest until twenty to fifty years after the onset of the initial polio infection. Symptoms can materialize in previously affected muscles or muscles thought not affected in the beginning.

These symptoms often include new weakness, pain, breathing and/or swallowing difficulties, a variety of sleep disorders, gastrointestinal problems, depression, and muscle twitching, fatigue and atrophy.

After a physical or emotional trauma or following an illness or accident, this Syndrome can be triggered. PPS usually starts gradually and you may discount it as “getting old” but sometimes changes do occur abruptly.