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The Pennsylvania Polio Survivors Network was established from the 2014 PHI (Post-Polio Health International) Conference.  Their mission is ‘”To Be in Service Providing Information to Polio Survivors, Post Polio Support Groups, Survivor’s Families and their Caregivers”.

The PA support group has been so kind as to allow the sharing of these newsletters to our members.  These newsletters will be added to this page and will be held for a year.  However, to save space, I have removed older newsletters from our website but if you want a previous one not seen on our website, please send a message to us which can be done by clicking on the About Us tab and select Contact Us.

Please note that you can now access current information from the PA Polio Survivors Network via this link and then click on ‘What’s New’.  Also, once you click on ‘What’s New’ you can access the latest from Dr Richard Bruno by clicking on ‘Bruno Bytes’.








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Note: This information is provided as only reference materials for you to decide on your own on whether it is helpful for your situation